How to pick a strategy

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At shüts we have a bunch of strategies that user can pick. This is both good and bad at the same time as its hard to pick one over the other, that is why we have shüts risk assessment quiz to filter it down for

How to Buy SWAVE Token

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SWAVE is an ERC20 token available to buy on Polygon blockchain. What you will need: A MetaMask Wallet (free to create) MATIC / USDC tokens in your wallet Additional MATIC to pay for gas fees, typically around 0.50 MATIC per transaction. This may change based on network congestion. How

Accelerating Dual Momentum

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This strategy is an evolution of Dual Momentum. ADM is created by Engineered Portfolio. It aims to provide a simple asset allocation mechanism between three main segments: US Equities, Global Small Stocks, and Treasury Bonds. These asset types are picked because of their inverse correlation

shüts Atom

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This strategy's objective is to maximise the investor's returns while maintaining a high level of risk control. The strategy achieves this by intelligently combining a selection of ETFs that stand out based on their momentum scores in order to achieve a consistently high return

Permanent Portfolio

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This portfolio by Harry Browne was designed to perform in all economic conditions. It splits total allocation into four types equally: Stocks: for when there is economic expansion Bonds: for when there is deflation Cash: for economic recession Gold: to protect from Inflation ETFs

Ivy Portfolio

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This strategy aims to follow the principles of some of the most successful endowment funds, Harvard & Yale. The strategy provides a larger than conventional allocation to real estate, which is particular to endowment funds. ETFs used by shuts Total Stock Market: VTI Intermediate Stocks:

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